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I know, I know. Where's the new comic? Things have been really busy this past week. As in, I've been home probably a total of 7 waking hours in the past 5 days. However, for your enjoyment, I will give you a hint on something. There are images of various things that I post on forums and such hidden on this site. There are no links to them. You'd have to guess the url. If thats your thing, have at it. Otherwise, you'll know when I new comic is up when I send out the next mailing list. I have no idea when that will be.


New comic up. Told ya I'd get it up by Monday. Sure, its Monday for only one more hour but hey, lets not be picky. Anyway, I hope you enjoy todays comic. There should be another up sometime this week. This is why I love the mailing list.


Its been a hectic few days that was partly unexpected. I shall update a comic on Sunday or Monday, unsure exactly when. I'll be sure to send that out in the mailing list. But for now, notice that I have made some changes to the site, mostly deleting unnecessary links.

Saturday June 5th

New comic. Yes, its late, in a way. I meant to return on the first Saturday of June. I thought that was June 4th. I was wrong, and actually forgot what date I put until just now, when I opened this page up to change it. Still, most of you will probably be reading this in the mailing list, so no harm I figure. This comic was hard to make for many reasons. I actually meant to have three comics to update, but I forgot what was going on in the comic, so I had to re-read the archives, then remember how to actually make the comic. I'm guessing the first few comics I make will be mediocre and hopefully get better as I get more into the swing of things. For now, enjoy.

EDIT: I just sent off the mailing list and got a delivery error for about 5 different people. If you asked to be on the list and didn't receive the e-mail, please e-mail me again requesting to be placed on the list. I must've copied your e-mail addy wrong. I apologize.


Two new comics today. This is building up to something surprising. Believe me. It surprised me when the idea came to mind. Stay tuned.


Sorry about the lack of updates (again). I know I've been extremely flaky. I will try my best to update twice a month. Hopefully more than one comic per update. If possible, I will update more often, but considering my track record, I doubt it. Just check back every Saturday to see if I have uploaded anything for the week. Like this Saturday for instance. If all goes as planned, I should have something up on that day.


New comic. Its got nothing to do with the actual plot, but I felt it needed to be done anyway. Also, I am leaving for South Carolina on the 15th, and I'll be back on the 20th, which means I will miss my Saturday update (as I usually do) but this time I have a good excuse. See you when I return.


I had every intention of updating a comic tonight. Two comics actually. I sat down at the computer and opened up Adobe Photoshop.

Then my phone rang. "Colin! You know you wanna come over to Steph's tonight!"

That was at 11:20. I just got back and its 4:30. So, I will try to make two comics today sometime instead and just update them a bit late. I'm unsure as to what time because of the playoffs, but we shall see.


New filler comic. Sorry for the lack of updates. All is explained in the comic (sortof). Also, if you can't get enough of me (and be honest, you can't) I have a livejournal now. Here is the link. Hope to see you there.


Late update, but it still is Saturday, so its good enough for me. Sunday I am going to see the Packers against the Chargers. It should be a pretty good day, especially if the Pack wins. Expect an update sometime during the week as well, hopefully.


New comic and stuff. No new quip for now. Maybe later. Trying to finish up some papers for school. Seeing how there are only a couple more weeks left, these papers may be important. Anyway, when school ends I will be happy. That means more free time. Hmmmmmmm, free time.


One new comic. I meant to have more, but I've been playing way too much Gunbound and Tony Hawk Underground mixed in with Mario Kart Double Dash. Damn time stealing games. Now if you don't mind, sleep. Yes, sleep. I need rest so I can play some more in the morning. Oh, and I'll archive the quips at a later date, if it comes to that. Still trying to get the color. Till next week.


New Comic. I went to the Laker game unexpectedly, so this is why I'm a little late on my update and why I'm tired. Also, the quip thing below is not final. I'm considering keeping it and or tweaking it some. And right now, I'm too lazy to figure out the correct coloring so that the border is invisible. Good to see ya'll again. See ya next Saturday.


Due to overwhelming e-mails, I am reconsidering my previous statement. I had no idea I still had so many people that actually liked my comic as much as they do. I figured I was just another run of the mill comic that people read because they thought it was alright in between the other comics they read. Apparently, people think a lot more of my comic. I return could be possible, and it could be sooner than January. Perhaps even as soon as September....

Stay Tuned.


If you haven't guessed, this comic is done. When I got back from vacation, I realized that I didn't miss doing the comic at all. Plus I've been burned out on this for awhile now. Maybe some day I will come back and finish what I have begun, but I dunno. I will leave the site up for the remainder of the year and decide from there what I want to do. I might start it up again in January, but that is speculation. So, if you really want to see the ending of this comic, send me an e-mail, and I'll make a little mailing list. If I do decide to return I'll send out an e-mail to everybody that sent me an e-mail to let them know that I'm coming back. Thank you to everybody for everything. This was a lot of fun while it lasted and I appreciate all of the fans that have stuck with me. As I stated, feel free to e-mail me about any comments, concerns, whatever. And don't forget about the mailing list. I hope to see you all again in January.


New comic. Its a cliffhanger because I am now officially on vacation. Well, soon, but this is the last comic until I get back. I'm going to Walt Disney World for a couple of weeks. I will be back at the end of the month. So until then, please, enjoy the archives, and maybe check out some of my links. Also, I added FFE Short 1 in between Episodes 198 and 199, and Short 2 in between 200 and 201. See ya guys later.


New comic is up. A FFE short that is connected to the story. I plan to release the other two shorts and put them into place where they belong in the story arc. I'll tell you when I do that. But they won't be in the archives. You'll have to read through the comics with the next key. Anyway, till Monday.


Its almost 5 am. I got home from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean about 30 minutes ago. Maybe less. I dunno, I'm kinda tired. Anyway, there will be no comic today. You know, tired and all. Instead, I want all of you to go see this movie. This was a damn good movie. Damn good. Did I mention it was good? Anyway, I believe I shall be going to sleep now. Yes.....sleep.


New comic is up. I'm setting things up for a meeting, if you haven't noticed.


New comic up. As you might guess, this one took a bit longer to make than usual. Hence, only one comic tonight, even though I wanted to do more. Also, in case you missed my late update on Wednesday, you might want to read Episode 216.


New comic. This one took a little bit longer than usual because I did something a bit different. I'm actually pleased with my last two comics. Random stupidity is fun. Also, I bet some of you are wondering whatever happened to Don and Dave. Too bad.


So I was playing the greatest RPG of all time (FF6) when I realized that it was 12:00. Which of course means, no comic. But fear not. After work, I plan to make a comic, and maybe even post it. And God willing, I may make two comics, and post that as well. Or them as well. Or...ah hell.


New comic is up. I was planning on making two comics, but then I kinda went into a music trance and lost an hour. So only one new comic instead. Oh well.


Sorry, no new comic. If you want, go to GameJumpers and check out the birthday comic I made for Sic. It's on the main page. Next week I plan on making 3 comics for you, and if I can, a few more to make up for this week. Cross your fingers.


Look! More filler! Not because I want to, but because I just haven't had the time nor energy to put forth into a comic. But I felt bad not having anything new for you guys for awhile, hence, I post another Cupid Must Die I have done that none of you have probably ever seen. Hopefully Friday will bring a new comic, but I may have to go somewhere horrible the day before. We shall see.


New comic is up, as promised. And I think this moves the plot along nicely while bringing up new questions. It feels good to have a plan again.


I couldn't think of a new comic, so I posted a Cupid Must Die I recently made, seeing how I doubt most of you visit that site anyway. Hope you enjoy the filler, and I'll be back Wednesday, hopefully with a new comic.


New comic up. This is leading up to something. I swear.


New comic up. In case you missed the weekend update, I'm leaving the news post of that below. Besides that I should have a Cupid Must Die comic up sometime this week. See ya on Wednesday. 


Today I did I little cleaning of my links. Also, I updated my Top Ten Favorite Comics. Its been awhile since I last did so. The old list was woefully inadequate. The new list more accurately represents what I'm now reading. Also, there is more commentary up. Episodes 4-6 now have commentary.


New comic up. Finally. I've been having internet problems the past few days. Plus I've had this cursed writers block. Its been horrible. But not as horrible as the Ducks game I watched earlier today. Anyway, I should have a new comic up Monday and have some more commentary added.

5/30/03 @ 11:27am pac

New comic up. Still had a hard time thinking something up, but I still got one finished. At least it is a worthwhile comic as it preludes to later events.


Remember how I said new comic? Well, I sat down about an hour ago trying to think up a comic, and here I am, an hour later and I still have no idea what to make a comic on. So, I'm going to go to bed, and take another shot at it in the morning. But, I did do something that I haven't mentioned yet. I added some commentary to the first 3 comics. Now you can see what I think/remember about those comics that I made almost 2 years ago. I plan to have commentary for all my comics one day, but have them far enough back so as to make them worthwhile to check out. I'll probably try to keep them a hundred episodes back, so I have some catching up to do. Feel free to tell me what you think.


New comic is up. Sorry its late. Was tired last night. Anyway, check back on Friday seeing how its summer and I plan to go back to M/W/F updates. 


No new comic today. Finals and all. But here are some comics that people have sent me that I have yet to post. Forgive me for not giving names, since I have long since forgotten who did what. Feel free to e-mail me and tell me if you did one of these so that I may give you credit.


New comic up. Next two weeks are finals, and then summer begins. I cannot wait.


New comic. Its early because I won't be home Tuesday for most of the day. School ends at the end of May, so expect more consistent updates in June.


Only 1 new comic today. Got a test, paper, and debate, all due this week. But, I still found time to make a comic. Also, seeing how I'm an Avalanche fan, let me say one thing. The Avs lost the series because of their own stupidity. They didn't play their hardest in games 5 and 6, and by game 7, it was too late. The Wild are too good of a team to toy around with, and they just showed the Avs that today. I am now rooting for the Wild or the Ducks to win the Stanley Cup.


2 new comics today. Both recaps. I sat down to make a comic, and then realized that I only knew where a couple of the characters actually were. When that happens, its time to recap. People who have submitted birthday gifts and guest comics, I will post them. Just saving them for a rainy day.


Let me explain some things. Lately, I have not been happy at all with my comic and with doing a sprite comic in general anymore. Plus, school has been a killer. I'm debating on whether continuing this comic as a sprite comic, as a hand drawn, or starting a new comic altogether. You may e-mail me your opinion if you wish, but ultimately, the decision will be based on what I think is best. I will do my best to put something up later today. I just have another freaking test (my fifth in 2 weeks) today/tomorrow that I need to study for.


Sorry. What with the new Zelda game and school, I didn't make any new comics yet. I hope to have one up by Friday. So instead I am posting one of the birthday gifts I got from Sic from GameJumpers. I got other birthday gifts as well, and will be posting them next Wed. since I have 3 tests 3 days in a row and I know I won't have a chance to make a comic by then. So if you still want to submit one, you have till next Tuesday.


As promised, 3 new comics today. Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 20. You know what that means? One more year till I can legally drink. But what happens when you turn 20? Absolutely nothing. This is crap.


Sorry for no new comics for a week now. I've been deciding on a new update system where I update pretty much 3 pages, or 3 comics essentially every Wednesday. That would mean that I would only have to worry about updating once a week, and also you can decide to read all three at once are hold off and read one every few days or whatever. So, I plan on updating Wednesday. I don't know with how many comics yet though.


New short series. Sorry its a bit late, but hey, its up.


New comic. I'm making a new series, called the short series. They are short comics that I pretty much do whenever I feel like doing something either completely stupid and pointless, but is too short for the regular 8 panel comic, or I just don't have time to the 8 panel comic. Today's is a mixture of both.


New comic. If you like Don and Dave, I'm glad because I'm trying to do something different in ElseWhereLand until I can continue the real plot. If you don't like Don and Dave, then take notice that today's is the last one for now. I'm moving on to something else Monday.


Sorry I'm late, but as promised, here is a new comic. I'm going to do some random goodness for a bit since school is preventing me from making a good story going in the real comic.


Sorry for not having any updates for two weeks. Life sucks, really. Anyway, I have a couple of new affiliates and some new linkage going on. I plan to have a new comic up Monday. I was thinking about making one tonight, but I am just so tired and really just out of it lately I don't think I would make a very good one.


Yes, new comic. But since I had no real idea what to do next, I decided to make a comic where I just threw in three songs. The real question is, can any of you name the group and name of the song for all three of them?


New comic. If I haven't replied to your e-mail about a link request or whatever, its because lately I've been so busy that I just make the comic and update it. For now all link requests are going unheard. Sorry.


New comic is up. Sorry about the long delay between comics. I will do my best to keep up with the new twice a week schedule. School is a bitch.


New comic is up. I'll work on getting the new format for the site going again, but for now it is stalled for reasons that I will not divulge to you people. Anyway, the freaking Bucs and the freaking Raiders are going to the Super Bowl. I hate the Raiders because they have the worst fans in any sport known to man, so I'm going for the Bucs. Even though I hate Warren Sapp and his big mouth and his cheap shots, I like Jon Gruden and Keyshawn and Brad Johnson. And no, I do not like them in the way that I know some of you are thinking. You sick bastards.


New comic is up. Plus a special one made too kindof make up for my lack of updates. But frankly, I don't care about missing the updates. I met someone, and, I dunno, I feel like spending time with this person more than making a comic. I'm sorry. But I will do my best to keep up with my new updating format, which is new comics every Monday and Friday. I hope you understand.


New comic is up.


What the hell is this shit? The Packers get screwed out of a game. For more on that, check out today's Megadudes. Then, the Browns blow their game, followed up by the Giants blowing their game. This playoff season just doesn't seem right to me. It feels like I'm playing Madden 2003 and the teams winning are the computer because they cheat. Now I know there wasn't any cheating, but it just feels like it. It all feels wrong. I actually feel all of this weekend's games should be played over again. Something went wrong. Its just too bizarre of a weekend for it to have actually happened. Anyway, new comic is up. Enjoy.


New comic, finally. Plus a bonus comic that was made by Kevin and I after playing Mario Party. Most of the words used in the comic were used that he used during the game. No joke. And if you want, you can go to Perfect Asterisk and check out the Daily Asterisk section. Click on the one titled "Did he fuse with an alien?". There you will see that I helped do some guest daily asterisks responses. The other three are staffers that are on the site (one happens to be my bro) and do D*'s on a regular basis. This is of course in an attempt to get my fans to join in on the fun on sending in D*'s to the site to help it grow. Plus there are other things like reviews and such going on at the site. It is worth checking out.

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