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Episode 33: Remember These People?

Episode 34: And The Brother Is...

Episode 35: The Quest

Episode 36: The Title Screen

Episode 37: The Quest: Part II

Episode 38: Group Leaders Discuss

Episode 39: Group Leaders Continue Talking

Episode 40: There Are Other People You Know

Episode 41: Kupo Kupo Kupo

Episode 42: Who Remembers This Song?

Episode 43: Adventure!

Episode 44: Mob Rule

Episode 45: Look! The Sky!

Episode 46: I Can't Think Of A Clever Name For This Comic

Episode 47: Who Are These People?

Episode 48: Everybody Knows! Except The Heroes.

Episode 49: Daishi

Episode 50: I Love Monty Python

Episode 51: Checking In On The All-Star Cast

Episode 52: Black Mage's Decision

Episode 53: Evil Jigglypuff

Episode 54: Maybe I Should Have....

Episode 55: Just When You Thought I Wouldn't Do It

Episode 56: Useless Banter