I will make more when more characters become more developed.

(This is poorly written because of time constraints. Hopefully, I will have time later to come back and fix it.)

Black Mage

Black Mage is easily the cruelest one in the group. He enjoys killing things and will do so whenever he can. He doesn't resent being in the party, only being in the same party as Fighter. He may act like he doesn't care about the other party member, but deep down inside he knows one thing. If they weren't there in battle, the monsters would be attacking him instead.


Thief is...well...a thief. Whenever he can he will steal from the rich and poor.  He is very fast on his feet and knows when to hold back so not to get caught. No one really knows why he travels with Fighter. Some say that Fighter amuses him. Others say there is a reason why Fighter is poor. But Thief will help the party as best he can. Specifically, he will help them run from battles, as fast as he can.


Fighter, is well, an idiot. Sometime after he was born, his mother dropped him. Over, and over, and over, and over, again. His mother wasn't a clumsy individual either, but he was an, how shall I put this, an unexpected arrival. But what Fighter lacks in brains he maks up for in.........ummmm.......well.....maybe we'll find an answer to that someday.

White Mage

Not much is know about White Mage yet. She just barely joined the group for crying out loud. All we do know is that she for some reason wants to go on this Light Warrior Quest thingy, or else she wouldn't have asked The boys up there if she could join their group. I men, why else would anybody wanna join their group anyway? So can cast White Magic which means she can heal the group when they are injured, and wake them up when they become unconscious. (Remember, nobody in your party is officially dead until everybody in the party is unconscious.)


Locke is the leader of one of the Final Fantasy VI groups. Much like Thief, he is, well, a thief. He is madly in love with Celes and do whatever it takes to stuff with her. Yeah, you people old enough know what I'm talking about. 


I have not given out much information about Celes yet. So, really, all I can say is that she likes Locke too. (Awww, how cute.)


Mog is awesome.

                           What? You want me to say more? Fine. Mog is a moogle. So he can speak in the moogle language. Whenever he doesn't want anybody to know what he's saying (which is usually when he's cussing someone out) he speaks in his moogle dialect. Also, he carries a big spear as a weapon.


Sabin is strong. Sabin is also stupid. Sabin is in Locke's group. Sabin's brother is Edgar.


Shadow is the leader of the second group of Final Fantasy VI warriors. He willingly applies for the job. Which makes me question his motives. That's right. You heard me. I question his motives. And you should too. Just look at how he looks. What with that weird little outfit. And c'mon, who calls them self Shadow anyway? Huh?


Edgar is Sabin's brother. He carries a BFC. A Big Friggin Chainsaw. (You thought I was gonna say another word. Didn't you? Admit it.) He likes to go adventuring. But he also wants to make a certain someone notice him more than another certain someone. Who you might ask. Read the comic to see. BWAHAHAHAHA!!


I hate Cyan. I really do. I forgot why I put him in the comic. But since I hate this character I can have fun at his expense. Cyan uses a sword to kill stuff. He also speaks in a weird dialect which is a pain in the butt to type for. So you won't see me perfectly do the dialect as it was in the game. Cyan also is attracted to a certain character in another group. Male or Female. I'm not telling which.


He got the groups two airships in Final Fantasy VI. But for some reason, nobody likes him. There is a reason for that. In between this new adventure and the FF VI adventure, he did something to piss off everybody. What you may ask? Well, I'm sure you know the answer by now. You must wait and read the comic to see. Ah, I love doing this. Feeding you small bits of information that will come into play either very soon, or in a very long time.


The leader of the FF4 group. Used to be a Paladin, but is once again a Dark Knight. (or whatever he is, I forget.) Anyway, he is always trying to do the right thing, but he also wants to be the first to get all the magazines. He's very competitive, and has a hidden agenda. (Oops, not so hidden anymore....)


She is the only surviving female in the FF4 group ever since Rydia got booted out. She is also the healer of the party. (Isn't every female?) She is also attracted to Kain, but has yet found the time to tell him. She's also afraid of rejection, and also because she's supposed to be in love with Cecil.


He is a dragoon. Whatever that means. Maybe I should actually play this game all the way through someday.....nah. Anyway, He is the sarcastic one of the group, but also is scared of big huge monsters and tries to avoid them at all costs. 


The ninja of the group. He was almost booted out of the group until it was pointed out that he was the coolest looking one in the group, thus he stayed. He also has a ninja sense of some kind that allows him to know what each of the other groups are doing and just did, which has come into play once already in the comic, and will again sometime.




I have nothing to say.


This is a girl, just so you know.


He's dead and is now up in Heaven with me!


This is Link. Link has many games. But Link is also very lonely. And seeing how Zelda gets captured so much, he's tired of saving her. But ever since he met Samus, a strong independent woman, he has fallen madly in love. now his only quest is to impress her any way he can.


It's Luigi! Number 1! The brother to Mario, he has finally grown some you-know-what's and is a lot more assertive and braver than he used to be. But by being braver it seems to have had some affect on.....


.......Mario is now a wuss, like Luigi used to be. It seems that whatever one brother is, the other must be the opposite. Interesting....


He may seem stupid, but it may just be a clever ploy to....never mind. He does have a powerful buster, if he were to ever use it. At least he has Protoman there to help him.


Megaman's brother, who acts smarter and likes to do dangerous things. He also is a womanizer and will go after pretty much any female he see's.  He has yet to figure out that Samus is a woman though....


Samus. What can I say. She is probably one of the best characters in the comic, just because, it's Samus dammit!  And on a side note, she tolerates Link's advances for a reason. Just thought you'd like to know.


Note: Not every character is up.....yet.