Episode 4: The Black Mage Joineth


This comic is a good example as to why I don't do oval speech bubbles

anymore. I hate them. I found it very hard to keep the bubbles small

and keep the text inside the bubbles, which is why I do them

the way I do now. Other than the bubbles, I actually rather enjoy this 

comic. It pokes fun at the all-too-predictable plots of all the

Final Fantasy games. You know that there will be some evil mastermind hell

bent on either taking over or destroying the world. And of course

the rag tag group that you someone scrounge up is always the group

of destiny that will stop this evil person. For once, I would actually

like to see all of the heroes be seasoned warriors, ones that

actually know strategy and teamwork and such. But then I suppose

the game won't be as fun anymore. *Sigh*