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Episode 227: Dogs Don't Care


First off, to everyone who has been sending me e-mails asking for a new comic.
I was seriously considering stopping the comic for awhile. But the fact that I kept getting e-mails from people telling me the like the comic, want more of the comic, and said that I was being a lazy asshole (i'm just making that up) made me realize that dammit, I need to continue the comic.
However, right now, my computer is not in my room. Currently, we are in the process of redoing my room. Its basically done, but I don't have a desk and I haven't moved everything back in yet. So, when that is completed, I plan to start up the comic again. Current ETA for my desk to come in. End of September. If I can find a way to jury rig my computer in my room, it could be sooner. But since it is fairly difficult to make the comic (believe it or not, it takes an hour to make a single comic on the most part. I can't imagine what it would be like to do so with my mouse at an odd angle) I probably won't be making comics again until end of September beginning of October. Always keep this in mind. I pay for the site every month. As long as its still there, I'm paying for it. Which means, more comics should be coming. But that is also why i have this mailing list. That way, you know when to check the site and whats going on. I apologize for not saying anything earlier. I am a forgetful bastard.
If you have any questions, comments, general hatred towards me, feel free to reply. !I haven't been answering e-mails lately because I was gonna answer them in this letter, but I will answer any additional questions if needed. Although what kind of questions you people may have is beyond me.
Thank you.

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