The Legend Of Zelda


            Ah yes, the original bad boy that started it all. You know, the one where your sword flings straight out from your body. The one that was a pain in the ass to find all the levels, to navigate through all the dungeons, and then to fight Ganon! (ugh) But enough reminiscing lets move on to the game.

Graphics: Well, this is on the Nintendo system, so the graphics were good for back then but have now slipped into the sub par level. But I can’t say anything bad about them since the game is so friggin old. Personally, I liked the way that this Zelda game was done graphics wise, (which is probably why I enjoy the Zelda’s on Gameboy and SNES more than the ones on N64…) and I thought that the viewpoint added to the difficulty of the game.

Plot/linearity: What plot? Go and rescue Zelda you green clothed elfin boy! Oh, and get the triforce while your at it.


Battle: This is the way I like battles. The ones where you fight endlessly. The only way you get hit is by your own stupidity. Not like in other RPG’s where you take turns taking a whack at another and see who is left standing. This is a more active battle system. You walk around (can’t run, remember, old game) and avoid your enemies attacks as you try to kill them with your sword. It can be a bit tricky getting the hang of using your weapons, especially after playing newer Zelda’s, but it’s pretty easy to master the controls.

Music/Sound: Classic Zelda music. Need I say more?

Gameplay: This game is very fun to play and can get very addicting. I remember playing this game for hours and I would just be wandering the world map. Of course, sometimes I was looking for the next level, especially when I was playing the second quest!! The game plays very good for a Nintendo game.

Finishing: This game made Zelda what it is today. And in my opinion, is still the best Zelda game ever. Nothing can beat the level of difficulty and pure enjoyment that come from playing this game. And when I mean hard, I mostly refer to the second quest. Hopefully, Nintendo will re-release this game on Gameboy or something. If they do, I highly recommend you buy it foo.

 Congratulations! You've saved Zelda! get ready for Quest II sucka!

Graphics: 8.4

Plot/Linearity: 5.7

Battle: 9.3

Music/Sound: 9.7

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 10



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