Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This was the first and only Zelda game on the Super Nintendo. This game was more of a roots version than the other ones. This starts off with Link as a teenager and discovers his uncle has been bested in a swordfight (the old man got whooped, and dies). And so, Link goes off to kill things. Ganon’s actually in this one.

Graphics: Now these were some purdy graphics, especially for back then. I liked them, my friends liked them, everybody liked them, even your dog (I dunno about your cat). Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but they were still good for the time.

Plot/Linearity: The usual, go get the triforce, kill things, fight Ganon, save Zelda.

 Look at the pretty title! Pretty pretty pretty!

Battles: Still pretty much the same as the one in the original game, except now you have some cooler weapons to play with, like the hook shot and other goodies.

Music/Sound: Zelda music with some new classics. Oh I do love the music.

Gameplay: Fun and challenging. This game took awhile to beat since you had to keep going back and forth through time. Or dimension or something, I forgot. (in other words, play the game). This was one of the best reasons to own a Super Nintendo. Like why Zelda was one of the best reasons to own a Nintendo. And Ocarina of Time is one of only three reasons to own a Nintendo 64. (The other two? Goldeneye and Smash Bros. Duh.)

Finishing: The top view would be the last time we would see this wonderful playing perspective for a Zelda game on a big console. And I don’t know how much longer we shall be seeing them on the Gameboy versions. I miss this view, but technology grows and….and….just let me be for a second…..*sniff*.

 Ganon's tower. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Graphics:                                                                                  9.0

  Plot/Linearity:                                                                           7.2

  Battle:                                                                                       9.5

  Music/Sound:                                                                           9.7

  Gameplay:                                                                                9.9

  Overall:                                                                                    9.8

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