The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link


This was the second game in the series that introduced a side scrolling Link adventure that made me feel like I was playing Castlevenia or something. But without the cool whip. Still, the over world was in the classic Zelda above view. Here is my review.

Graphics: This is a Nintendo game we’re talking about. So the graphics were good back then. It was kindof odd with the side viewpoint after playing many hours of the original Zelda, but I have no complaints graphic wise.

 Time for Link to die!

Plot/linearity: Again, you must save Zelda from some evil wizard. No Ganon? Not this time. But it did have a little more of a plot than the first one.

Battles: Nice battles. I liked being able to jump and attack the enemies and whatnot. Remember, this game is old. These were awe-inspiring things you could do back then. But I didn’t like the battle system as much as I did in the first game. Not very hard to master these controls. There are only two buttons for crying out loud!

Music/Sound: Zelda music. Good as always.

Gameplay: This game was fun to play. Trying to solve your way through dungeons. Although this was mostly just finding the correct elevators to the correct floors to get the correct stuff and fight the correct boss.

Finishing: If you are a fan of Zelda games, this will not disappoint you. Although not as good as the original, (nothing is anyway) it was a very worthy follow up. It is still a very hard game to beat, although not as hard as the first one

 The evil Shadow dude!

Graphics:                                                                                  8.6

Plot/Linearity:                                                                           6.2

Battle:                                                                                       8.8

Music/Sound:                                                                           9.7

Gameplay:                                                                                9.3

Overall:                                                                                    9.9

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