Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


This was the first (I think) Zelda game on the Gameboy. It was a trip back to the old Link. The top view and such. Old school fun that you could take on the road with you. But still, no Ganon.

Graphics: This is a Gameboy game. And that is saying a lot since the graphics are pretty good, although not great. Not as good as they could’ve been in my opinion.

 Oh! So the Tail Cave is too the right!

Plot/Linearity: Well well, a Zelda game with somewhat of a plot. You, being Link, wash ashore on some island, and must find your way home. You must go and collect instruments to awaken something that will take you home. But when you do wake that thing up (like I’m going to tell you what it is) you discover that-

Battles: Battles are the same as they were in the original Zelda. Read my review for that one if ya really wanna know.

Music/Sound: Zelda music (good) on the Gameboy (bad).

Gameplay: Fun, exciting, but not too challenging. It wasn’t a very hard game too beat. There were some things that were very hard to beat. (go this way, go that way, make up your friggin mind!!) But overall, it was a fairly easy game.

Finishing: This game stays true to the Zelda saga, although it is the easiest one of the bunch. But still, for those long road trips, this will keep you company for the ride.

 Storm = Bad

Graphics:                                                                                  8.2

  Plot/Linearity:                                                                           7.8

  Battle:                                                                                       9.3

  Music/Sound:                                                                           9.0

  Gameplay:                                                                                9.7

  Overall:                                                                                    9.5

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